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Make your server a success, without paid advertisement.

Learn how to grow your server using specific tactics, without the need of spending a dime on advertisement.

What is GrowYourServer?

Over the years of creating servers, we have collected tactics that could be applied to grow a server on a large variety of budget sizes. The focus of this guide is to provide free tips that can help propel the growth of your server. There are multiple different effective tricks and strategies that we wish we knew sooner when it came to growing a brand new Minecraft server regardless of its primary gamemode.

Do I need a large budget to follow this guide?

As opposed to multiple different guides, ours is compatible with all budgets regardless of whether you have thousands to spend on development or if you can only create a server for completely free. If you are looking to create a server with absolutely zero money spent - you're in the right place! We have an entire subcategory made for servers with a $0 initial investment.